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醫治這地的7日禱告- Day 6

Day Six:

Morning: Healing the Land


Revelations 22:2 ESV – The Tree of Life

“Through the middle of the street of the city; also, on either side of the river, the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. The leaves of the tree were or the healing of the nations.”

啟示錄 22:2 ‘在河這邊與那邊有生命樹,結十二樣 果子,每月都結果子;樹上的葉子乃為醫治萬民。 ‘

We are like a tree planted by the river of God that brings forth fruit in every season.


Declaration 宣告

Father, we decree that the fruit of the spirit is being manifested in our lives and in Your body, the church. We decree that the pain of racial division is being healed. We decree the river of God is being released into our cities through every believer. We decree your glory is coming to make the church one and to produce a harvest of new believers for the glory of God. Amen and Amen.

天父,我們奉耶穌的名宣告,聖靈的果子要在我們的生命和祢的身體教會彰顯。 我們宣告種族分裂的傷痛正在被醫治。 我們宣告上帝的活水江河透過每個信徒被釋放到我們的城市中。 我們宣告祢的榮耀降臨,使教會合一,並且因著神的榮耀而產出新信徒的豐收。 奉耶穌的名,阿們和阿們。

Noon: Restraining Evil


Deuteronomy 20:4 AMP – God Will Fight For You
“For the LORD your God is He who goes with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you.”

申命記 20:4 ‘因為耶和華-你們的上帝與你們同去,要為你們與仇敵爭戰,拯救你們。』 ‘

We don’t fight for victory but from victory. He is all victory. In Him there is no defeat and it is from this position that we stand in Him.

我們不是為了勝利而戰,而是勝利而戰。 祂是全勝者 ( 得勝的君王)。 在祂裡面沒有失敗,就是我們與神同在站立的位置。

Declaration 宣告

We stand in victory through the power, name and blood of Jesus. And we declare that we tread on the schemes of the enemy and all lies of darkness from our position of victory. We declare that in victory You save us from all evil schemes of the enemy and his army of darkness that have been set against us, the people of this land and nation, to keep us out of Your strategic “kairos” time and plan. And we rejoice and declare from the rooftops that You go with us and save us! Hallelujah and Amen!

我們靠著耶穌的寶血,耶穌的名與寶血大能站在勝利中。 我們奉耶穌的名宣告,我們從勝利的位置踐踏仇敵的計劃和所有黑暗的謊言。 我們宣告,在勝利中,祢把我們從仇敵和牠的黑暗軍隊裡所有針對我們,針對人民,針對這片土地的邪惡計劃中拯救出來,使我們在祢的戰略“Kairos”最適當的時間和計劃被篩出來。 我們歡欣喜樂並從至高點上宣告祢與我們同在並拯救我們! 奉耶穌的名,哈利路亞,阿們!

*Kairos(古希臘語:καιρός)是古希臘語,意思是正確的,關鍵的或適當的時刻。[1] 古希臘人用兩個詞來表示時間:chronos(χρόνος)和kairos。 前者是指時間順序或順序的時間,而後者是指適當的時間或適當的行動時間。

Night: Releasing the Promise


Matthew 18:19 – If Two of You Will Agree
“Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven.”

馬太福音 18:19 ‘我又告訴你們,若是你們中間有兩個人在地上同心合意地求甚麼事,我在天上的父必為他們成全。 ‘

The power of agreement releases heaven on earth. So we lay aside our differences and we unite together in a symphony of prayer and praise to the only wise God.

應許的力量把天堂釋放在地上。 因此我們要拋開分歧團結在一起禱告並讚美唯一的智者上帝

Declaration 宣告

We declare that if one can chase a thousand, then two can chase ten thousand demonic spirits and send them far away. We believe that when we agree together, the power of multiplication is present. Therefore, we take our stand together in Christ Jesus, and we declare, the Glory of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the seas. Darkness does not have the final say; it is a temporary fleeting hindrance. We come up higher and we declare the Glory of the Lord is risen upon us. These are the Days of His Glorious Intrusion. Amen and Amen!

我們奉耶穌的名宣告,如果一個人可以追逐一千,那麼兩個人可以追逐一萬個惡魔之靈並將之驅散到更遠的地方。 我們相信,當我們同心合一,倍數法則的能力就出現。 因此,我們與基督耶穌一同站立,我們宣告,主的榮耀將覆蓋大地如同水覆蓋海洋。 黑暗勢力沒有最終決定權; 它是暫時的阻礙。 我們更高地站立,並宣告主的榮耀降臨在我們身上。 這些是祂的榮耀進入的日子。 奉耶穌的名,阿們,阿們!


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